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Air Down is a set of utilities aimed at enhancing the enjoyment and safety of your off-road experience. At it's core is a powerful vehicle customization engine that allows you to recreate your off-road vehicle or design the one of your dreams.

The clinometer tool, available in trial mode and for in app purchase once the trial time has expired, allows you to track your off road activity on a single screen. The pitch and roll gauges help keep you in safe operating angles on extreme terrains. The compass, speed and elevation readouts (once a GPS fix is obtained) help you navigate while greenlaning, rock crawling, dune bashing and cross country trekking.

Air Down Features:

  • Maintain multiple vehicles with the garage feature.
  • Download new and updated vehicles without having to update the app.
  • Custom backgrounds. Choose from a simple color or pick an image from your photo library.
  • Toggle between metric or imperial measurements.

A powerful vehicle customization system allows you to:

  • Adjust vehicle lift.
  • Adjust tire size.
  • Choose from a wide variety of vehicle options.
  • Choose body color on a panel to panel basis.
  • Choose axle options.
  • Choose your wheel style.
  • Choose your available spare wheel location.

Clinometer Features:

  • Both gyro and accelerometer support on legacy devices.
  • Works in either landscape orientation.
  • Configurable alarms, units of measurement, pitch and roll thresholds.
  • Toggle between front and rear view on roll gauge.
  • Toggle between side views on pitch gauge.
  • Toggle between heading angle and cardinal directions on the compass.
  • Speed and elevation can be toggled to read current GPS accuracies.
  • Audible alarms can be toggled on any screen at the touch of a button.
  • Should be used in conjunction with a car dash mount device.